Shadow Vision

Shadow Vision was written with layer upon layer of texture. It drew me in from page one and held me tight till the very end. Van and Friday were both characters that I grew to love and I was with them to the very end. They had a tough battle, but with some magic, love and fate they triumphed and kicked some demon tush. I also loved many of the secondary characters who all made this book well rounded and added many wonderful scenes and kept me grounded until the end.

When Friday Maxwell is attacked by demons after she finished one of her demon killing workshops fate takes over and delivers her into the hands of a hunky and powerful man. Somehow he can kill demons just by touching them, which is real odd since he is not a demon hunter.

Friday finds out that Van Spencer is very special and there are very few men born with the inherent skills that he has. Her rescuer is a Gypsy among Gypsies and son to the Gypsy Queen. He is the only person who can save them all, but he will need Friday to succeed in the end. As their love grows they will enter the tunnels that lead down past the gypsy camps and into the bowls of the demon world. They will only survive if they can stay with each other.

Killing the demons is not as easy as just going down and touching them. There are betrayers in the camp and they hungry to turn Van and Friday. Also, the demons have been stealing gypsy children. For years they have stayed away from the gypsies. They were afraid of them. The gypsies had learned many lessons and ways to kill the demons and had even slowly taken over land that the demons had inhabited. But the demons have grown strong and are ready to move boundaries again. Will Van and Friday make it back to the city alive? Will they die along the way and can they save the children or will they all be sacrificed?

Book Blurb for Shadow Vision

Friday Maxwell is a typical computer programmer by day, but at night she arms herself with silver daggers and crosses and heads into the night to fight the minions of evil - Demons. As a newly trained Demon Killer she's ill prepared for a sudden Demon attack. Blinded during the attack she's now at the mercy of a bystander who not only came to her aid, but is desperately trying to keep her alive and away from the evil that still hunts her. Can she keep herself alive long enough to figure out what's going on? And who is this mystery man now at her side who not only can see Demons, but seemingly kill them at will?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00