Selena's Requiem

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Selena's Requiem

“Selena’s Requiem” is the second book in a two part story. Readers will need to read “The Blood Waltz” first. I encourage readers to get both installments if they start this series as when book one ends they will be reaching out for part two and the finalization of the overall story arc.

“Selena’s Requiem” is what I have dubbed the Enter the Light installment. It’s quite a bit on the lighter side whereas “The Blood Waltz” is quite a dark journey. In this book we get our Happily Ever After. Selena is truly happy by the end and she has her sexy vampire. The route to this new “life” isn’t without its blind sides.

Ria Dimitra has a way of drawing the reader in and having them just enjoying the journey. I loved almost every section of both “Selena’s Requiem” and “The Blood Waltz”. Her character Selena was fun to follow. She’s not someone I would like for a friend…but she’s different. I feel Selena is a bit self-centered and doesn’t think of her friends or family as important as herself. Still, I enjoyed her journey.

There were a few parts of “Selena’s Requiem” that I feel could be tightened. Selena’s friend has a few “too stupid to live” moments and I felt things were tied up a bit too easily. I also felt some things were just too unlikely…like fate had stepped in and created coincidence where there normally wouldn’t be.

Overall, I enjoyed this second part…but not as much as part one. I felt like book had less holes and less unlikely scenarios.

Book Blurb for Selena's Requiem

Continuing the story begun in "The Blood Waltz"

It's been a year since Selena D'Agostino fled Castle Cormoran and her vampire kinsmen, staking Philip and setting Kieran on fire as he slept in his coffin. After Kieran appears at her book signing--and just as quickly vanishes--Selena receives a mysterious telephone call from a solicitor in Leeds, urging her to return to claim her inheritance.

Will Selena return to Cormoran for a reunion with her beloved Kieran---or will she go to her death?

Reissued edition.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 3.50