A Tarnished Heart

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A Tarnished Heart

Lizzie Parker was told by her mother that she would someday marry the Earl of Markham. Since then Lizzie dreamed of that day. Lizzie is not a rich girl. She is a commoner. One fateful day Lizzie came in contact with Markham and told him of her love. He spurned her. Since that day she hates him with a passion. Years later, Markham is blackmailed by Lizzie's father. He must make Lizzie fall in love with him and marry her or his scandalous secret will come out. Lizzie is not told about the blackmail and believes she is being courted. She wonders why Markham would even take notice of her. After several heated encounters and a marriage proposal she believes the Markham must love her. What will Lizzie do when she finds out there is more to the situation than love?

Ms. Dicken writes a splendidly romantic historical novel. I fell in love with her characters and would have liked the book to continue. If only we could live the lives of others for not just a moment but for their entire lives. This book made me want to continue reading, but alas I was on the last page. I hope Ms. Dicken continues with another book. I would love to see Markham's brother find true love. That would be another good story.

Re-Issued Review. New Publisher / New Title. Original Review Date: 6/28/2009

Book Blurb for A Tarnished Heart

She can save him—or bring him to ultimate ruin.

The Earl of Markham’s life is unraveling before his eyes. The harder he tries to pick up the frayed ends, the quicker his carefully guarded control slips from his iron grasp. Five years after the death of his wife, the threat of blackmail hangs over his son’s inheritance.

His only hope to quell the gossip before it begins lies in a headstrong young commoner as wild and free as the English countryside she loves. She is wrong for him in every way. Yet she brings life to his colorless world—and warms his heart with a fire that threatens to shatter the wall around his heart.

Lizzie Parker is content with her garden, her village and caring for her aging father. She wants no part of the glittering London Season, but her father will not be denied his wish to see to her future. Still, she plans to do everything in her power to vex the man charged with taking her away from her beloved home. The man who once broke her heart. Markham.

She never expected his kisses to tame her resistance. With each touch he rouses her senses, until suddenly she’s not at all sure where she belongs…

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Warning: Blackmail! (oh my) Secrets! (oh my) Love Scenes! (oh oh my) and even a trip to the magnificent Crystal Palace in London. You won’t be able to put this one down.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50