Samantha White andThe Seven Dwarves

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Samantha White andThe Seven Dwarves

Samantha White and the Seven Dwarves is a kooky, fun and super hot erotic read that will leave you dreaming of the stars.

When Samantha White is beamed up to a ship she is really confused, why is she there naked with 7 little men looking at her? Why have they kidnapped her and what do they have planned? Then she finds out that there is one more man on board and he his a hunk. They are both on their way to a fantasy planet and they are both to work as sex slaves.

As Deuce teaches Samantha all he knows about sex they fall in love. Will these two be able to escape their fate?

Samantha White and the Seven Dwarves had some great characters. The seven dwarves had some great personalities and they made me laugh. Deuce and Samantha sure could turn up the heat and make the whole ship shake as they loved their way to freedom and their happy ending.

Book Blurb for Samantha White andThe Seven Dwarves

Sex among the stars has never been hotter...or crazier...

Abducted by aliens and facing sex-training from the deadly delicious Deuce, a lonely woman battles to hang on to her wits and her heart. Little does she realize she and Deuce will soon join forces in the wildest escape plan two naked people tied into one weird chair have ever risked. If they succeed, an even bigger plan awaits them. If not...

Well, at least they'll die smiling.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00