Rose Perfect

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Rose Perfect

Rose Perfect is a book about Archer McCall, a time traveler from 2049, and Rosanna Harlow. Rosanna is from the year 2005/6 and is spending New Years 2005 getting drunk. The year 2005 was not a good one for her. She lost her job and has a house that she cannot afford. Rose and Prue, her best friend, toast to a new year and lots of money. Prue has major plans for the next year. It looks like Prue will be up to her elbows in drugs! By 2049 she will be a huge drug lord.

Archer opens a portal to 2006 from 2049 and convinces Rosanna to help him stop Prue and her boyfriend from ruining the future. Rosanna with a history of not dating must convince Prue that she is in love. This will gain Archer a place within the click and access to watch what is happening to Prue's business. In the end all hell breaks loose. Will Prue fall for the scheme and be saved from a future of killed people with drugs or will she go on to be a huge drug lord?

Rose Perfect by Janet Davies was an ok book. The plot line was solid, but the relationship lacked a strong bond. The character Rosanna was a very hard to feel companionship with. She was an emotional wreck and liked to push people away. I do not believe that after one week with a man from the future that she would have dropped her barriers enough to spend her life with Archer. The plot line was just too unreal for me. A woman with that much emotional baggage just cannot change like that overnight. Also, their relationship lacked deep trusting passion. Because of this the book felt luck warm.

Book Blurb for Rose Perfect

Rosanna Harlow has just come out of the worst year of her life. She lost her job, was ripped off by her feral cousins and she broke her big toe trying to do home renovations on the cheap. All she wants now is a peaceful, prosperous 2006 with no problems or excitement. The last thing Rosanna Harlow needs is the darkly attractive Archer McCall turning up on her doorstep telling her he is a time traveler from the year 2049 and that he needs her help to stop her best friend Prue from becoming a major drug lord. Sure he does. Yet she soon discovers the time traveler is not mad and he is indeed telling her the truth. So why her? It's not like she's Wonder Woman or anything. She has no special powers. If she had, she would have used them long before this to sort out her own life.

The evil of one person will bring Rosanna Harlow the enduring love that she never knew she needed. But will she survive 2006 to be with Archer? Will their efforts to save the future be in vain?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2007 3.00