Rose and Thorn

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Rose and Thorn

Python Place: 3

Rose and Thorn was an intriguing look into Python Place. This is book three. I've not read the first two books. You can read these as stand-alone books or as a series.

Python place is the home of the Terence brothers. Adrien, Dimitri, and Tyrus Terence are half-human and half-daemon. They have a wicked mother who wants to see them turn to the dark side. The brothers need to find their soul mates and each perform a binding ceremony. For survival the brothers have to have sex all the time. To make sure that they have willing females around at all times they created Python Place. Their house is known for debauchery and Abigail Watson has to enter. Abigail's sister lives at Python place and is married to Lord Adrien Terence. Abigail is scared that her sister is being held captive and might need her help.

When Abigail arrives at Python Places she meets Tyrus. They have a minor confrontation, but he makes sure that she has entrance to the house and her sister. Tyrus visits Abigail as smoke and they have a sexual encounter. Tyrus wants to protect Abigail from his mother, so he pretends that there is nothing going on between Abigail and himself. She is his soul mate and he must protect her at all cost. The Rose and Thorn tells the story of how Tyrus and Abigail find a way to escape Tyrus's mother's clutches.

I enjoyed Rose and Thorn. It was a dark and scrumptious look into the minds and beds of the Terence brothers. I wish there were more of the devils! I'm going to read the other two and see how the other brothers found their soul mates.

Book Blurb for Rose and Thorn

Concerned that her sister might be held against her will at Python Place, Abigail enters the infamous house and finds her strict moral code endangered by irresistibly sexy Tyrus Terence.

The moment Tyrus meets Abigail, he knows the prim spinster is his soulmate. He can scarcely believe the fates would be cruel enough to bind him to a haughty woman with bad fashion sense.

Yet beneath her cool exterior lives a deeply passionate seductress, one who matches him in lust and stirs the handsome daemon's protective instincts. Tyrus will stop at nothing to keep Abigail safe from his dreaded mother, the evil spirit Eris, even if it means tapping into the darkness inside himself.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 3.75