Romance Readers Guide to Historic London

Historical romance readers will be delighted from the first page of this informative, funny and useful guide to traveling around London, England. This book is great for both the physical traveler and armchair traveler.

In my early 20's I traveled, lived, worked and studied in London. I was immersed into the London of our time. Buildings are just building without a proper guide. It's through books and guides that we learn of the past and not just by seeing a place. The "Romance Readers Guide to Historic London" is just the thing to bring the past into vivid reality. The places you visit will not just be buildings and locations on a tour, but places of historic life and meaning. I found this book opened my eyes to so much history that was around me.

Sonja Rouillard's book "Romance Readers Guide to Historic London" is a talking guide in book format. With every sentence I was able to hear her in my "good" ear and travel from place to place. I was able to imagine it as it was and not as it is now. Places came to life that were just locations before. Sonja has a great voice for taking you into the past and even has a guide for you on how to "time travel". An active imagination is needed if you want to visit historic places and see it as it was.

This guide is also practical for the trip planner. It gives you a great idea of the current entrance costs. She has also included historical dates of places and historical costs. Sonja Rouillard converts those costs to today's dollars! Did you know that the annual subscription to Almack's Assembly Rooms was "10 guineas or about $1,000 in today's dollars"? That's a tidy sum! Plus that it's no longer in existence. See, this is a very practical guide. How many of us romance readers would be looking all over for the place and it's nowhere to be found. Luckily many of the places we would love to visit are still in existence, including Covent Garden. I love has Sonja conveys her place key. "How Olde: 5/5 - except it's cleaner and nicer now. Price: Singing in the Rain is FREE | Hours: 24/7, but be safe and don't go late at night alone. | Tube: Covent Garden, Leicester Square". That tube stop info is also a very practical and helpful bit. Most travelers to London will use the local underground tube transportation.

This guide is written by a romance reader just like us. It talks about the locations in reference to our fabulous reading habits. If you don't already have a trip to London on your calendar I'm sure you will be dreaming of going. This book includes places to sleep, drink and shop as well as some easy to get location just outside of London. At over 300 pages, this book is filled with important information for any historical romance reader. It won't take you long to feel like you are learning the most interesting things... often times imparted by Jane Austen's Emma.

This is a fabulous book!

Book Blurb for Romance Readers Guide to Historic London

At last! A London guide written just for historical romance fans. Or for travelers that want to experience old London.

Have you ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of your favorite romance heroine? See grand historic settings from best-loved novels?

Or just learn the fascinating backstories of these intriguing places from Almack's to White's to Bedlam and more from the comfort of your own home.

Now you can!

Author Sonja Rouillard has combined her love of travel and romance fiction to create an entertaining book that's perfect for a cozy fireside read at home or for planning that grand London excursion.

For the London Adventurer . . .

* everything you need to explore the old London that still exists hiding within the modern city

* sleep like a princess in a 900-year-old castle or on an antique four-poster bed in the heart of London

* enjoy a delicious authentic Afternoon Tea

* with prices ranging from Governess on Holiday to King s Ransom, there s something for everyone

* featuring easy to read maps of Mayfair and St. James's neighborhoods

* and ~for the guys activities that will especially interest your man too!

* plus insider tips to get the most from your travel budget

For the Armchair Traveler . . .

* everything you want to know about the places from your treasured historical romance novels

* discover which buildings still exist and what they are now

* read love stories from real-life heroes and heroines that frequented these old places

* with Then & Now pictures of what the buildings looked like in the past compared to now

* and featuring romance excerpts from Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer to today s best-selling authors

So, take a walk in the footsteps of your favorite heroine ~ whether on a grand, once-in-a-lifetime adventure to London or from the comfort of your own home with a warm cup of tea at your side.

NEW Kindle version works with Kindle readers and iPads/iPhones and has these additional features: clickable website links, color photos (color-capable readers), and downloadable maps.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 5.00