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Pusheen Coloring Book

I really love this Pusheen coloring book for all its wonderful themes. It has a wide variety of Pusheen themes to inspire lovers of this cute cat. I was inspired to get out the colored pencils and bring this book to life. The rainbow of colors I used made me happy and released the stresses of the day. Seeing and coloring Pusheen has that effect.

Pusheen Themes include:



Beach w/cool glasses

Ice Cream

Easter Bunny




and of course Pizza!

There are two things I think could have been improved with this book.

1. This book has images on both sides of the paper. It would have been better to have images on a single side. Several of my pages were ruined in the printing process as the image from one side smudged onto the opposing page. Waaaaa...

2. The paper could have been thicker. You can see the opposing image through the paper.

My 3.5 score is mostly based on the execution of the product paper and layout choice and not the images. If the book had been printed better the score would be a 4.5.

Book Blurb for Pusheen Coloring Book

Pusheen returns in a delightful coloring book perfect for fans of I Am Pusheen the Cat.

The Internet’s favorite chubby, tubby tabby is back in a purr-fectly cute coloring book featuring adorable kitty drawings that will charm cat lovers and coloring book fans everywhere!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 3.50