Primal Passion

Celia Jade is back in on the publishing scene with a new passionate paranormal tale.

"Primal Passion" is about an investigative reporter, Tess Nielsen, and a half-vampire-half-human, Milan Markovic. Tess has a lead that has her driving out into the country where she happens to stumble upon Milan. He agrees to chat with her and from there things go from professionals to a bit more hot.

The case Tess is working on ends up putting a target on her. A viscous vampire has plans for her and Milan must save the day.

"Primal Passion" is an enjoyable story with hints of paranormal. The main theme of the story was the two characters meeting and the suspense of Tess getting herself into trouble as she follows the clues.

I enjoyed both main characters and how they played off each other.

This was a quick, passionate and intriguing read.

Book Blurb for Primal Passion

Crime reporter Tess Nielsen stumbles upon a police operation that leads her to witness the arrest of two vampires. When she realizes that The Organization – a secretive law enforcement agency run by dhampirs – is involved, she is even more determined to get an exclusive story. Trouble is this dangerously sexy dhampir agent who’s persuaded her into a date in exchange for an interview.

Milan Markovic likes his affairs hot and brief. The spirited reporter stirs his most primal instincts, so he’s willing to bend the rules and give her information about the case for her story. He certainly doesn’t plan for her to get entangled in another case, and when her life is threatened, he realizes that losing this woman would cost him more than he ever imagined.

Dhampir: a half-human, half-vampire individual.

Originally released under the name Evie Balos. The latest edition has been reworked.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.75