Pleasure Exchange

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Pleasure Exchange

Cathleen Nichols, a reporter, has been checking out Sam York for 6 months. When she writes an article about him it backfires and not just the press, but also all kinds of protestors hounds him. Sam is a scientist and he has been working on a female libido enhancer. Some of the protesters believe that he is using a chimp in his studies. Someone even wants to steal his chimp. Cathleen has made her fantasy man hate her. What will she do to make him take another look at her and see that she didn't mean to hurt him?

Now that the protesters are hounding the female libido enhancer trials Sam's boss has put a hold on it all. If Sam doesn't get the results he need and quick he could loose grant money that is needed. To make things right Cathleen volunteers to be the test subject that Sam needs. She has to agree to not let the papers know about the arrangement. Once the experiment gets started the heat goes through the ceiling. Sam and Cathleen can't keep their hands off each other, but Sam is a commitment phoebe and Cathleen wants to pursue a career in another state. Will they find that they both need to head in another direction that keeps them on the same course?

Overall I enjoyed the story of Cathleen and Sam. They were both well-drawn characters with their own social, family and co-worker issues. The plot was a bit predictable and I wish there suspense was more heightened. I'll keep my eye open for more books by Kathryn Fox as she has a way with words that just makes the emotions flow.

Book Blurb for Pleasure Exchange

Who better than Sam York--a super-brain blessed with the body of an Adonis--to head up the research team entrusted with developing the greatest scientific breakthrough since Viagra?

His experiments with female libido enhancers need one more crucial test: on a willing human subject. And when ace reporter Cathleen Nichols, the sexy, nosy neighbor Sam's been lusting for, exposes the lab's provocative work in a revealing article, the genius stud knows he's found the perfect participant.

Though Cat has kept her feelings hidden, Sam has been secretly stoking her inner fires for months. Now, with Sam's "wonder formula" tossed into the mix, their unleashed passion is off the charts, rocketing them together into the stratosphere of erotic ecstasy, no emotional strings attached.

In the name of science and journalistic investigation, suddenly nothing is taboo. But what happens when Sam and Cat's sizzling, sensual pleasure game starts to turn into the real thing?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50