Pete the Cat: My First I Can Draw

If you or anyone you know is just starting to learn to draw, this is a great learn to draw book. James Dean makes drawing simple. He will have you drawing full size characters in little steps. You start out drawing say a circle and then moving on to step two and drawing a simple line. By step 10 you have drawn something that looks like what you mean to draw :). Different colored lines help you know what is new on a drawing compared to what has already been completed. I wish I would have gotten this book as a kid. I would be much more confident in my drawings with the help of James. But I'm now on my way. I'm 40 and learning to draw. This book isn't just for kids, but anyone.

Overall this is a great starter book for any age.

Book Blurb for Pete the Cat: My First I Can Draw

For the first time, New York Times bestselling author and artist James Dean brings us a fun drawing guide for young artists to enjoy.

Kids will enjoy following the easy step-by-step diagrams to re-create Pete and their favorite stories. The diagrams become appropriately a little more challenging as the pages go on. This 160-page activity book is packed with everything from the world of Pete the Cat that aspiring artists will want to draw, from Pete, his rockin’ band of friends, dinosaurs, trains, surfboards, and even Pete’s famous shoes!

With this fun paperback activity book, young fans and budding artists will master how to draw the grooviest cat around!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00