One Hot Experiment

Book Length: .Novella., Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic, Genre : Contemporary

Maddie, a super smart lady, has major issues. She is still holding a grudge against Tim a guy who she attended college with. Back then she was a graduate student and had skipped many grades. To fit in she put on the presence of being an undergrad. Her whole she never fit in because she was so advanced. When Tim told Maddie's boyfriend that she was a grad student her boyfriend left her and her friends also ditcher her. Maddie had to pack up and leave. The whole episode destroyed her chances of being "normal".

Year later Maddie started to work at a think tank, but the whole episode continued to haunt her. Tim had also gone on with his life. He started his own security business. When Tim is hired to help catch the people responsible for breaking into the lab Maddie thinks she has the greatest opportunity in the world. She knows her looks will never be enough to catch Tim's attention, but with a little help from a pheromone she has been working on he will be her man. After she hooks him she is going to dump him. He should have to see what it feels like to be dumped.

Tim has loved Maddie since college and working at the same place as she does is a dream come true. Will he have another opportunity to make the woman he loves his forever? Or will Maggie's schemes ruin everything for them both?

One Hot Experiment was a cute, sexy and hot second chance romance. I hated what Maddie was doing to Tim, but I kept rooting that Tim would finely get his chance to rectify the past. This was my first book by Cheryl Dragon and I look forward to seeing what else she puts out. One Hot Experiment was a captivating romance that had me sitting up and reading it the full way through in one sitting.

Book Blurb for One Hot Experiment

Revenge sex is a dish best served red hot. In college, Tim screwed up Maddie's life. When he shows up at her work to put in a security system after a series of break-ins, she decides to even the score. Using pheromone perfume, she seduces the sexy, brooding man with every intention of dumping him. She never expected he'd be amazing in bed or that she'd actually fall for him. When Tim learns she's up to something with the perfume, he takes their sex to a whole new level. Maddie insatiably rises to the challenge and pushes back. If they can just survive the break-ins, they'll have to choose. Come clean about the sex games or possibly lose their perfect match.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00