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Brianna de Beauchamp, a girl from a very wealthy English family has been betrothed to her long time friend Lincoln Robert de Warenne. Their relationship is not a passionate one, but one created for political gain. Wolf Mortimer, the son of a marcherlord has spotted Brianna while he is visiting her father's castle and has set his sights on marrying her. It's not as simple as breaking a betrothal or fleeing off to be married. History has to take place around the coming together of Brianna and Wolf.

Politics will intervene and make their lives go all crazy. Edward, King of England, is on the throne and all is not well. Edward is a weak king and allows his lover, Hugh Despencer, to rule the country and control the Kings seal. King Edward is also married and Hugh likes to punish Queen Isabelle. King Edward only married her for land and heirs, since he likes men. Edward is a submissive and likes to be dictated to. When the Kings lover is in power politics is never stable.

In Notorious, Ms. Henley spins a wonderful tale of political intrigue, love, and betrayal. You will live the life of the strong-minded aristocrat Brianna. She will take you from living in a country castle to being a queen's lady in waiting. You will experience what's it's really like to live through war and intrigue and come out with love on the other side. There's much more than a love story in a Virginia Henley book. You will live history as if you were there. If you love reading about true events, mixed with a love story, Ms. Henley should be at the top of your list. Virginia knows how to spin history and passion and come out with a page-turner.

Book Blurb for Notorious

The daughter of Jory de Warenne and lady-in-waiting to Queen Isabelle, the spirited Brianna de Beauchamp is betrothed to the distinguished Lincoln Robert de Warenne, but yearns for a deeper passion. When she meets the dark and dangerous Wolf Mortimer-a man who possesses the Celtic gift of second sight-she finds it impossible not to surrender to his fierce desire. And when Wolf's father-the queen's lover, Roger Mortimer-is imprisoned in the Tower of London, she finds herself swept on an adventure that not only puts her heart in peril, but jeopardizes the life of the man who could be her destiny...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.50