The Lords of Satyr #1

Nicholas, The Lord of Satyr was a fun twist on the mythical realm of fae. When the King of Feydon sends a message to the Lords of Satyr their lives take a whole new path. The King announces that he fathered three female children, nineteen summers ago, on different well born human women and he wants the brothers to each marry one of his daughters. The brothers are not particularly pleased, but since this is the Kings dying wish they will do his bidding. The girls are also in danger from evil forces and protecting them is a must. Nicholas will be the first brother to seek his bride and Raine and Lyon will proceed later as the vineyard needs to always be protected.

In this first book Nicholas will pursue the woman who is to be his bride. From the letter he knows that she will live not too far from him. The daughters are known to reside in Rome, Venice and Paris. The Satyr vineyards are located in Italy so, Nicholas heads to Rome to find his half-fairy bride. When he gets there and finds his bride he will have to track her down. Will his bride be able to handle his beastly nature or will she run for the hills?

Elizabeth Amber's Nicholas, The Lords of Satyr has taken a place on my top ten favorite erotic books list. It's smoking hot and leaves you wanting more. Luckily this is just the start to the series as there are three Lords of Satyr and they are all brothers. I'm looking forward to more Satyrs in 2008 and I'm sure you will also. This book is not for the faint at heart as the brothers have an extra "attachment" in the male department and are know for their extreme sexuality and perversions. In my book this gets a double thumbs up and I encourage you to read this while you have plenty of water and ice cubes to keep you cooled off.

Book Blurb for Nicholas

The last in a fabled line of otherworldly aristocracy, the Lords of Satyr are born to wealth, power, and a talent for sensual delight that mere mortals only dream of. Commanded to marry, these passionate men will travel to Rome, Venice, and Paris-and along the way will explore desires both shamelessly wicked and blissfully divine.



Nicholas looks very much like what he is-the handsome, successful heir to a vineyard in Tuscany. But Nicholas is much more, for he is one of the last in an ancient line of satyr men. And the dying king of ElseWorld wants him not only to marry, but to wed one of the king's own daughters-a half-human, half-faerie woman unaware of her heritage. Nicholas won't shirk his duty to produce heirs to guard his race's legacies, but he never plans to make his bride his only lover. A satyr's sexual hunger and sensual skills are legendary. One woman will never satisfy him.

Or so Nicholas believes until he meets Jane. As spirited as she is fey, as beautiful as she is innocent, she is nevertheless determined to make her new husband hers alone-and she's eager for him to teach her every deliciously carnal secret he knows.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 5.00