Egyptian Series - Book 2

Mahes is the second book in Marisa Chenery Egyptian series. After reading the first story about Mahes brother Nefertem I had to wait for the second book. Mahes was just what I was looking for. When Mahes, an Egyptian god, is sent to inflict justice and obtain an ancient scroll he meets Dana. She is a contemporary woman and more than rocks Mahes world. Once Mahes has the scroll will he leave Dana and return to his realm or will he find that Dana will provide him a new world to live in?

I've really enjoyed both books in this series. Marisa Chenery brought a feeling of Ancient Egypt to current day America. Mahes had some things to learn about mortal, strong and passionate women. Someone had to bring him down to earth and catch his powerful and old heart. Dana was a fun and wonderful character that I really enjoyed. I'll be looking out for more books by Marisa and encourage you to pick-up one of hers today. Marisa Chenery will sweep you off your feet and have you searching for your own scroll. Who knows maybe if you find one you will get your own ancient hunk and happily ever after.

Being that this is the second book Mrs. Chenery did a great job of filling us in on Mahes brothers current family status. With these little details I felt a real connection to the first book The Blue Lotus, a book that I just fell in love with.

Book Blurb for Mahes

Dana's one time friend, Ellie, sends her an ancient scroll from Egypt. Not knowing there would be consequences for doing so, she opens the scroll. Having an Egyptian god come to pass judgment was the last thing she expected. That it's Mahes, the one Egyptian god she is obsessed with, makes it that much more unbelievable.

Mahes, the protector of maat, is sent to pass judgment on the mortal woman who has broken universal order by opening the Book of Thoth. He soon finds himself in a difficult position as his attraction for Dana grows.

With the help of his brother god Nefertem, Mahes and Dana set out to return the book before Dana is tempted to read from it and in doing so condemns herself to death.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00