Magical Scratch Street Art

Magical Scratch

As an adult I found this Magical Scratch book a lot of fun. It's marketed towards children, but I think this is fun for any age. It's art and is timeless. Inside you get twenty boards that have a black coating on top. Under that coating is loads of colors. As you scratch that color appears and your design comes to life. Keep a vacume handy for cleanup as the black flakes get everywhere. Pretty much everything you need comes in the kit. In addition I used a beauty brush to keep things clean as I went along. I use the same brush when using colored pencils :). If you like to play around with different art mediums, give this a try.

Book Blurb for Magical Scratch Street Art

Includes Scratch Paper + Stylus

Inspire your child's free drawing time... and then, get ready to watch them surprise you!What is it about creating scratch art that makes kids so happy? Is it the repetitive motion of the stylus, the pleasing scratching sound it makes, or the thrill they get when the artwork underneath is revealed? Young artists can have their say with projects such as a graffiti card, proud peacock, wall flowers, alley cat, and more. Kids will find 10 different designs that show through on the black paper when they scratch the surface, plus lots of ideas for drawing and making scratch paper. There's always a big reveal and surprises galore when children start drawing with the stylus that's included. Get ready to see kids make their mark with this colorful book!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00