The Lords of Satyr #3

Just the mention of an Elizabeth Amber book has me on high alert. Since reading her first book Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr, the first book in the series, I've been hooked on this wonderful authors work. If you like your books more than spicy and with lots of surprises and oh my's you will want to pick up this series. Ms. Amber will bring you surprises in spades. This review is for Lyon and it's the third book in the series. You will need to read the series in order for all the twists, turns and references to make full sense.

Lyon: The Lords of Satyr was a hot and tantalizing addition that has me craving the next book in the series, Dominic due out in February 2009. I thought Lyon was to be the last book in the series, but Ms. Amber found a very creative way of continuing the series. I'll not tell you how, but it's truly an interesting twist.

In Lyon: The Lords of Satyr you journey along with the third brother Lyon. Like his brothers he is sent out to find his Fairy Bride. Three fairy princesses were born upon human women. Now they are all in peril and to save them the Satyr brothers must marry them and provide them protection. Lyon knows that his bride resides in Paris, so that is where he seeks her out. The weird thing is that he finds two women who smell of fairy blood. It's impossible that both can be the princess he seeks. So, soon Lyon figures out what scent is the correct one. Juliette, a courtesan, is his fairy princess. She works for a man who is horrible and he smells of death. Lyon has special senses that make it easier to pick up on these things. Juliette wants nothing to due with Lyon even though she secretly yearns for what he can do for her. On the other hand she wants to protect Lyon from her horrible guardian. In this novel there are threats from multiple directions and there is a twist at the end. Will Lyon be able to get Juliette out of the horrible situation of being a courtesan. Will ElseWorld intrude and try to rip Juliette into the other world and trap her there? What is it about Lyon that has women following him around like a hunk of delicious meat? You will have to read Lyon: The Lords of Satyr to find out all these hidden questions.


Book Blurb for Lyon

In this erotic historical paranormal romance series set in the heart of Tuscany's centuries-old wine country, three half-Satyr brothers receive a letter that sends them in search of three endangered half-Faerie brides.

Charming youngest brother Lyon is so ruggedly handsome that his looks have actually caused women to swoon. Though he resents that duty calls him to wed and doubts that he can ever love one woman, he nevertheless travels to Paris in search of the third bride.

At first glance, Juliette seems a good choice for him, for he discovers her to be a courtesan. Their passionate night together leaves him sated beyond his wildest imaginings, but her magic results in dire repercussions that only she can reverse.

Discoveries about her past and the monster who rules her life send Juliette fleeing Paris and heading straight into Lyon's arms. She must learn to face her fears and trust in love because the fate of an entire wine industry hangs in the balance.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00