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Legs by Dee Dawning is an action packed hot as hell read that will have you hitting the bar scene. Mallory Robbins is a model and known for her legs. Her legs are even insured. For several weeks she has been meeting her friend Paige at JoJo's bar. It's not the type of place Mallory would normally hang out, but it's the place her friend's boyfriend likes. So, to keep Paige company Mallory has been going to the JoJo's "meat market".

One night she is given a very interesting business card that piques her interest. Along with the card she meets a super hot guy. The next morning she finds a gun in his belongings and things get interesting. She is drugged, kidnapped and awakens wearing the clothing of an Arab woman. Her man Drew is nowhere to be seen. She is told that his other name is Kalid and he is to be beheaded for defiling her. She is to be married to a Saudi Prince and she has no choice. Will Mallory find a way to free Kalid? Is Kalid a good guy or a bad one? What will Mallory do to free herself from her Arab prison?

Legs was a fun, hot and fast read that left me needing several glasses of super cold ice water. The scenes are scorching and the characters well defined. Dee also included a whole cast of characters that I just came to understand and root for. Mallory's friend Paige was one character that I would like to see in a sequel. Paige deserves her own story. So, if you like action and a constantly evolving plot read Dee Dawning's Legs, but don't forget to have your water pitcher near by.

As of 5/2008 Legs has been re-released by eXtasy books. It was at a different publisher in the past.

Book Blurb for Legs

A rising star in the modeling and acting fields, Mallory Robbins, is captivated by Drew Stevens, the most beautiful man she has ever seen after he helps her out of an embarrassing entanglement with a drunken, would-be suitor. Her attraction for Drew is so great that she uncharacteristically spends that night joyously and blissfully making love with her newfound dreamlover—only to be later kidnapped, along with Drew and whisked to some unknown location. The next morning, Mallory awakes having no memory of her whereabouts or the events leading to her being there. Enduring a severe headache, she becomes absolutely terrified when she catches a glimpse of herself in a dresser mirror wearing the authentic coverings, including a veil, of a devout Muslim woman. Things become even more confusing when a young woman, also dressed in traditional Arab garments, visits Mallory and informs her that she has been brought there to become Saudi Prince Ali’s fourth wife. WHAT IS GOING ON? Thus begins a bizarre and sensuous odyssey, in which Mallory is scheduled to marry a Saudi Prince and Drew is in danger of being beheaded for soiling the Prince’s fiancé. Author’s warning: There is a scene in Legs, which includes a flashback to a gang rape. To make matters worse she finds out she has been kidnapped to become the wife of a Saudi Prince and her lover of the previous evening is scheduled to be beheaded.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50