Janus' Conquest

The Janus Conquest was a superb look into an off-world society that has become very segmented based up a world gone wrong. At one time the world was not a pleasant place and the society corrected the problems.

Dawn Rider weavers a fascinating tale of that engages the reader from the start and captivated me to the end. I loved how there was more than one plot line throughout the book and how both plots were completely written to the very end. The first plot line is about Janus and Fay and the second one deals with Fay's father and his situation in the criminal camp. The story was touching as Janus learns to love Fay is a world where love is not common.

The book has one scene of a friendly exchange of partner swapping.

This is the third book in a series, but can stand completely on it's own.

There are three main casts of people. There are the law-abiding people, the hunters, and the criminals. The hunters and law-abiding people live in one section of town and the criminals are confined to a dismal section of land. The criminals are highly guarded by the hunters. The hunters are strong and tall because over the years they have eaten well and have trained since they were three years old. The daughters of hunters are also healthy and tall. The criminals are not healthy as their food is regulated to keep them weak.

Fay, the daughter of a hunter is immature and on the verge of woman hood. She has been spying on the hunky hunter Janus. Fay has been told stories by other women that Janus is a very sexual man and that he likes submission. She is still deciding if she will pursue him.

Janus a powerfully build hunter wants Fay and he will do anything to get her. When Fays father is charged with a crime and sent to the criminal section of the planet Janus steps up and takes over Fay's life. He protects her from some of the more nasty elements of life and slowly trains her to be more submissive. Fay doesn't want total submission and teaches him a thing or two about control.

Book Blurb for Janus' Conquest

Fay knew the large Hunter wanted her. It was a fact she tried to ignore even as she felt Janus' eyes lingering on her, following her. But the rumors told her the story of a Hunter who enjoyed domination. Placing her faith in gossip might not be wise but it was far safer than letting her body become his plaything. She refused to submit to any man, and Janus would demand her submission — and more.

Janus wasn't willing to accept Fay's rejection. Attraction wasn't fair, but in his case it appeared in the form of a female who taunted his every effort to entice her, leaving only one way to gain what he craved, and that was to conquer her.

It was an engagement Janus was looking forward to with relish.

Reader Advisory: Contains one scene of partner swapping.

Note: This story is set in the same world as Talon's Trophy and Hawk's Prey, however Janus' Conquest can be read alone.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00