Isle of Dreams

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Isle of Dreams

Escape Series

Dana has had it with paranormals. The law now states that each business has to have its token paranormal worker and the one in her office is a werewolf. So, Dana has booked herself a vacation to get away.

Dana has contacted the Bureau of Fulfilled Fantasies and has booked herself a vacation on the Isle of Dreams. When she arrives she is given a revealing outfit and a scrumptious bed. Her djinn master arrives or is it two djinn? You will have to read this to figure that out!

Isle of dreams was a very spice and fun read. This book is perfect for someone who wants a very quick and spicy read as it will leave you feeling hot and bothered, but you will also have plenty of time in your day for all those other things on your schedule.

Book Blurb for Isle of Dreams

What's a girl to do when offered a genie sandwich? Sit back and enjoy!

Dana's had it with cleaning up other people's mistakes, especially a paranormal who only got the job due to new laws. Needing a break, she heads to the Isle of Dreams with the Bureau of Fulfilled Fantasies. A weekend as a sex slave is just what she needs to unwind.

But when her master turns up as a paranormal djinn who can split into two sexy men?

There's only one thing for a smart girl to do. Grin and bare it. Oh yeah!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.25