Impassioned Sea

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Impassioned Sea

Book 2 - Ametheysea

Impassioned Sea was a totally sensual experience - When two god brothers compete at everything their father decided to get involved. To protect his two twin sons he banishes them from each other. One will rule the sea and the other land. When they find true love and understanding they will meet again and know how blessed they are. These two sons now rule an area of the world called Ametheysea and in human terms the Bermuda Triangle.

Impassioned Seas is about the son Seadale. Seadale wonders when it will be his chance to find true love, his brother has his! It angers Seadale that his brother has somehow beaten him in the game of love. They have always competed for everything. In an impassioned rage, Seadale throws away a very special necklace. The necklace is the only connection he has to his true love. Without the necklace how will Seadale find his true love? Has he royally screwed up his future?

While out on the beach Kelsey Baker comes across the most beautiful necklace she has ever seen. It looks like something royalty would wear, except no one else sees the necklace as a work of art. It's the opposite, most people think it's ugly. This necklace will set Kelsey's future. She is Seadale's true love. Will these two people find each other across a turbulent and troubled sea or will they both find heartache as sea and land keep them separated?

Ms. Sinclair pulls another hot and sensual read out of her magical writing hat. I loved meeting Seadale and Kelsey. They were both highly intense characters with real flaws. This series starts out with a short story called Key to Sin. That book is about the son Sindale and how he meets his true love. When you purchase Impassioned Sea make sure to also get Key to Sin as they are a great pair and a both quick reads. Once you have a taste of sin you will also want a taste of the sea.

Book Blurb for Impassioned Sea

Kelsey Baker has always believed that dreams are the magic of life and those dreams are about to come true for her.

While walking in the surf on a crowded beach, she finds a breathtaking pendant inlaid with gemstones of every color in the rainbow, washing in with the tide. But, for some unexplainable reason, when she asks the people sunbathing on the beach, they do not see the beauty of the pendant, only a piece of junk worthy of a trashcan. What is going on here?

In the magical underwater kingdom of Ametheysea, the mighty mer-shifter, King Seadale, in a fit of anger, casts out the one object that will lead and bind him to his mate, the Amulet To Ametheysea. Little does he know that someone has found it and this god's life is about to change and shift like the deep blue ocean he rules.

Have you ever wondered how the creatures of the sea mate? Now you will find out in explicitly revealing details that will leave you craving the lapping licks of the sea for yourselves...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.25