Hunting the Demon

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Hunting the Demon

Demon Series - book 2

The second book in the Demon series by Jaci Burton fulfilled all my expectations.

The demons "aka the Son's of Darkness and the Realm of Light are both in search of the black diamond. They both have a reason to need it, but those reasons are totally different. The Son's of Darkness want the diamond because it will make them stronger, while the Realm of Light wants to destroy it and save the world.

Nic Diavolo is the key and Shay Pearson, of the Realm of Light, has been put in charge of reeling him in. She must convince him that he is half demon and that his father is a bad demon. She must also get him on the side of the Realm of Light or all the people in her group are going to be dead.

Shay and Nic have an immediate connection. It's both emotional and physical. Shay lures him to the place she is staying and has him kidnapped by the Realm of Light. Can Shay and Nic rekindle their fire again and fight the demons or will Nic turn on them and join the demons.

Hunting the Demon was hot and action packed. It kept me rooted to my seat till the very end. The characters were likable, strong, sexy and well developed. This book stood well on it's own, but reading the first one will give you a more rounded vision of the whole demon vs. light situation. The first book was Surviving Demon Island. I'm looking forward to another book in this series and I think it might involve Ryder.

Book Blurb for Hunting the Demon

In a world seething with sin and seduction, the chase is on.

Hunting demons for a living can have its moments. Especially when Shay Pearson's latest quarry is the gorgeous bronze surfer who just stepped out of the sea. Uncovering Nic Diavolo's devilish side could prove Shay's toughest assignment yet. Because while she's acting as bait to snatch this sexy bad boy, Nic's got a plan of seduction no woman-earthly or otherwise-can resist.

Caught between two warring realms, Nic needs to stay alive long enough to figure out who his enemies are. That includes the beautiful hunter who won't let him out of her sight. And something far worse: a force of evil with an almost unimaginable goal- possessing Nic's very soul. But the hunt really heats up when a guy who's hotter than Hades and a woman who's afraid of love join forces, igniting an inferno of lust and longing that could send them into mortal danger...or straight into each other's arms..

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50