Her Will, His Way

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Her Will, His Way

If your looking for a quick read with lots of heart and feeling pick up Her Will, His Way. The characters have strong personalities that will have you routing for a beautiful outcome.

When Anita comes home to run her late grandfather's flower shop she gets more than she bargained for. Antonio Hernandez aka Tony, a state trooper, has been waiting years for Anita to return home so that he can win her heart. Since he graduated from high school and she was a girl of fourteen he has loved her. He loves to rile her up so that her attention is on him. Will Tony's secret destroy their budding relationship or will he find a way to prove that he loves her more than anything else?

Wow - Terry Molina writes a story with emotional depth and characters that just have you routing for them all the way. You have two very strong personalities in Her Will, His Way that drive the story forward. You will have no chance of becoming bored as both Tony and Anita will have you in the grip of their feelings.

Special Notes: Oh and if you love Mexican food this book will have your mouth watering for a plate of homemade Mexican food.

Book Blurb for Her Will, His Way

Antonio has loved Anita for as long as he can remember, but the only attention she'd give him was in willful response to a dare. Now that her marriage has failed, she's returned to the valley to run her late grandfather's flower shop.

But, what Anita doesn't know is that Antonio has made a `deal with the devil' and he used the shop to lure her into more than just his bed.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.25