Hell on Heels

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Hell on Heels

Book 2

Hell on Heels is an anthology and follows Hell with the Ladies. Both books are about the Devil wanting to hand off the keys to his kingdom. Satan is ready to retire. He wants a life of fun, vacations and women. Satan first offers his kingdom to his three sons in Hell with the Ladies. When they all fail his tests he offers the kingdom to his daughters. Hell on Heels is the story of how his three daughters find love.

Hell on Heels has three stories, one for each of the Devils daughters. The Devils daughters are Lucia, Jezebel and Lola. Each of the daughters believes they are not ready for love, but they feel like they are missing something. Will the keys to the kingdom of Hell be just the thing to make life more interesting after centuries of life on earth?

Lucia, an assassin, is the first daughter given the chance at the keys to hell. She is very good at her job. Satan gives her the job of assassinating a wealthy casino owner. While casing the casino she meets the owners son. Will she be able to finish the job and become queen of Heel or will she choose mortality and a life of love on earth?

Jezebel is the second daughter to get the chance to rule her daddy's kingdom. Her job is to find a powerful relic called the Protector of Armageddon and turn it over to Satan. It's a box that is protected by the Templars. Jezebel hooks up with her past lover, as he wants to find the man behind his brother's murder. His brother's murder and the Protector of Armageddon are linked. Will they both get what they are seeking or will death separate them?

When all else fails, Satan turns to his third daughter. Over the years they have not been close. Lola resents that her daddy has not spent much time with her. She also has a love of beauty and her body represents that. To stay beautiful she must steal the souls of men through sex. Her daddy gives her the job of stealing Christopher "Crash" St. Clair's soul. Will she be able to do her job or will love get in the way?

All three stories in Hell on Heels were page-turners and a great addition to the series. I loved the prologue and epilogue. The prologue drew me back into the series and the epilogue left me hanging for the next. Sometimes a bit of hanging is just what is needed to pull you into the next book. Hell on Heels was definitely a sensual tale of passion, love and longing. With a bit of help from fate all three couples find the love they deserve. Maybe someday Satan will get his retirement, but lets hope it's not for a few more books.

Book Blurb for Hell on Heels

The daughters of Satan do their best to make daddy proud in three all-new sexy novellas from the authors of Hell with the Ladies. What's a devil to do? Satan's desperate to retire. He needs an heir, and he's turning to the promise of his three beautiful, bold, smart, and irresistibly sexy daughters. All they have to do is prove themselves by successfully completing the tricky tasks he sets before them. Surely one of them will win the Keys to the Kingdom-of Hell! Will it be Lucia, the assassin? Jezebel, the half-demon? Or Lola, the soulstealing baby of the family? The challenge is on and one must prevail-unless they're thwarted by that powerful human emotion called love.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00