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Heart Choice

Heart Choice is the fourth book in a great fantasy romance series. I have been hooked on the Heart Mate Series since I read the first book. Heart Choice is the story of T'Blackthorne (Straif Blackthorne) and Mitchella Clover. Straif has recently returned to the Druida City. Straif left the city of Druida many years ago to seek out a cure for a genetic condition that he has. The condition causes death to people in his family. At this time he is the last of his line. As discussed in prior books - Mitchella Clover is Sterile and cannot have children. This book is about their relationship and how they solve the problem of making sure the family name Blackthorne continues on, while at the same time Mitchella and Straif becoming Heart Mates. This book is a great addition to the series and it is also my second favorite in this series. My first favorite is HeartMate. HeartMate is the first book in the series. I encourage you to purchase all 4 books at once - You will want to put the first book down and move right onto the next - and the next. I cannot wait for the next book to be out. I give this book 5 hearts and encourage you to check out other books by Robin D. Owens. She has many great books and worlds for you to meet.

HeartMate - 1

Heart Thief - 2

Heart Duel - 3

Heart Choice - 4

Heart Quest - 5

Book Blurb for Heart Choice

On the planet of Celta, where psychic talents thrive and desires flourish, Straif Blackthorne is the last of his kind. After his family dies due to a genetic disorder, Straif is determined to find a cure and rebuild his heritage. Nothing else matters—until he meets Mitchella Clover. But Straif cannot give Mitchella his heart, for she is unable to bear children. Only when tragedy threatens to destroy them do they realize what truly matters, and what they truly mean to each other.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2005 5.00