Guardian of the Onyx Empire

New Pangaea Series

Guardian of the Onyx Empire is the second book in the New Pangaea series I've read by Vanessa Gilfoy and I was blown away again. I liked this one even more than the first. The world of New Pangaea is a sensual place that has so many twists and turns you don't know where you will end up next. Each of the books can stand-alone, but once you get one taste of the world you will definitely want to go back to the same fantasyland again.

In this installment you will be introduced to Lizeria and Alex. Lizeria is fleeing her mother's empire and the bad magicians are on her tail. Vanessa Gilfoy has you laughing at some of Lizeria's companion's antics. When Lizeria finely makes it to a town she meets Alex. The question is should she trust him or will he double cross her? What is he hiding?

Lizeria soon finds out that Alex is not just any man, but a very powerful one. He knows where the blackstones are located. These stones are the one way that Lizeria can save herself and her empire. Along with learning from the stones Alex and Lizeria learn that they also have a sexual connection.

I loved how Guardian of the Onyx empire was such a vivid work of art. From the beginning I really liked Lizeria. Not everything that she did, but that she was so real and jumped off the pages. Ms. Gilfoy has a vivid imagination and it shows in her work. You can literally live in her worlds. Just remember at some point you have to return to the real world.

Book Blurb for Guardian of the Onyx Empire

Lizeria flees her mother's crumbling empire. As she stumbles through the nearly demolished Kingdom of Vinn, the mouthwatering Alexander Rey tempts her with other plans. If she'll be his and his alone, he'll train her to raise the Onyx Empire from its ashes and defeat the wizards.

Though he claims to be human, he moves like an elf. He seduces her and says he's her fated, but he can't be. Electric sparks don't pass from his skin and mind shields prevent her from reading the truth. She'll have to grow stronger to break him, but that means learning elven king's magic from Alexander's cursed blackstones.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.50