The Cat Star Chronicles, #5

Looking for a hot and yummy alien? Look no further than the Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks. This is a series that just gets better and better. What is so awe inspiring about this series is that every book interconnects loosely, but is very much it’s own story and inventive world. Every book that Cheryl writes has awesome world building elements as each book takes place on a different planet. Every environment is well described, to the point that you feel like you are there. Some planets are not places you would ever want to end up…but you feel like you have been there and experienced the good and the bad elements. It’s sexy space travel at its finest.

In Cheryl’s current installment, Fugitive, she takes us to a world of peace and beauty. The heroine (Drusilla) is a painter of beautiful birds and our hero (Manx) is hiding out on the planet Barada Seven. Drusilla is sent to Barada Seven to paint the birds and make lots of money for her boss. She meets the local wildlife…some who are real characters and the hunky Zetithian Manx. Manx is a hunter who is on the run. His planet was destroyed by an unknown source and bounty hunters have been sent out to capture all the remaining Zetithians. He has evaded capture by hiding on different spaceships and worlds…but the hunters are hot on his tail. Luckily some characters from prior books are also on the lookout for him and are seeking to help.

The extra characters in this book are what really give it humor…the robot that seems to know their every want and the “Eltran” who lives in the water. Zef the Eltran sure has a lively humor that will have you rolling your eyes at his antics and language.

Drusilla and Manx really hit it off and they think its fate that both of them have found each other. What are the chances that these two would find each other on a far off planet with few visitors? Not much…so it must be fate and all the signs are there. Manx is turned on by Drusilla’s scent and as a cat man he has lots of extra senses as well as a way in bet that scorches the sheets. Drusilla is in for the time of her life, but with the hunters arrival on Barada Seven they are all in major danger. Just how long will their lives last?

Fugitive is book five in this fabulous series. I suggest that you start with book one as characters do continue to be mentioned and even play an active part in the proceeding books. But if you feel that you just want to jump right in at book five, there is enough information to get you up to speed.

Fugitive was another stellar book in this phenomenal series. 

Book Blurb for Fugitive

In book five of The Cat Star Chronicles, Drusilla Chevrault, a renowned wildlife painter drawn to Barada Seven by its fabulous birds, finds a far more interesting subject in Manx, a sexy Zetithian who has been on the run from his enemies for the past twenty years. Now that Manx has chosen Drusilla as his mate, others have tracked him down, and in the race to find the last Zetithian, the winner will determine whether he loves or dies...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75