Fox's Bride

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Fox's Bride

Book Length: Novel

A Female Pirate - OH MY!

When Madeline Middleton, a six-year-old plantation heiress, is married off to an 11-year lord across the sea she expected to meet him face to face at some point. She is now in her late 20's and he has never shown up. He just continues to get his stipend, while she runs the plantation in the Caribbean. Soon William Foxton, her husband, is on his way to the plantation when he finds out he will loose his stipend if he doesn't have an heir in a year. On his way he is accosted by pirates ... a woman pirate is at the helm. She is not just a pirate, but his wife. Luckily for her he doesn't know that and she contains her shock when she finds out who he is. On the horizon they have quite a few escapades together and lives to save. Will these two strong willed people find that they can produce an heir, love each other and save Madeline's neck from the noose?

Fox's Bride was a wonderful and wild romp of a pirate book. When Madeline is in charge things get done. I loved how she cared so much for saving people and how Fox had to take her as she was, pirate and all. For a wonderful pirate novel and a feisty heroine you have got to try out Fox's Bride.

Book Blurb for Fox's Bride

Being married to a woman halfway around the world has its advantages — except when that woman is a pirate.

Lord William Foxton wants his wife and will do anything to protect her from those who want to see her hanged for piracy and those who want the plantation in Montego Bay and his wife for their own.

Lady Madeline Foxton, the Dread Pirate Captain Meg, will do anything to save as many slaves as she can, constantly putting her life at risk. She decides she's had enough, but the Commodore of the King's Navy decides Captain Meg will not be allowed to simply disappear. He will see Madeline Middleton hanged for piracy, no matter who he has to kill to get her there.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00