Force of Nature

Since Markey was a child she's had problems controlling her anger. When her anger rose she displayed uncommon abilities. Forceful winds would come out of nowhere. She was a threat to other students and eventually became home schooled. Her parents thought her a freak and her father resented that he got a daughter when he wanted a son. Markey has never fit in and has had to move many times because people are afraid of her. When Markey is held up in a bank she becomes angry and the winds arrive. She is caught on tape and has to flee her brand new home. She had finely found a place that she loved and it's ripped out of her hands.

Trip Lindaur was also held up in the same bank robbery as Markey. He sticks by her and tells her that he knows a man who can help her. Since Markey knows she has to move she agrees that she would love to find someone who could help her. She doesn't want to be a freak and dreams of meeting a man who can accept her. She wants a family, but that doesn't look likely to ever happen. Trip is the first person to accept her for who she is.

When Tip drops her off with a doctor, Markey is enthusiastic. She can't wait to master her powers and start a new life. What happens next is not what she or Trip expected. Markey is held prisoner and treated as a lab rat. Did Trip know that Markey was going to be torchered? Will Markey survive the torture? Will Trip come back and save Markey?

This was a great paranormal read and Ms. Miller had me rooting for Markey. With every cruelty that was delivered to Markey I encouraged her to fight back. I kept hoping that Trip would turn back and save her from such a horrible situation. Markey's pain was gripping and horrific, but she held in there and fought for the future that she wanted. Force of Nature was a thrilling read that had me wanting to know what would happen next in Markey's life. Trip was a strong man and just what Markey needed to move on with her life and see purpose in herself. Robin Leigh Miller made all of these emotions just jump off the pages.

Book Blurb for Force of Nature

Markey Nevell was born with the unique gift of manipulating the air. A gift she would gladly give up for the chance at a normal life. Anger management is a concept Markey lives with every day. When her anger grows out of control her gift takes over, inflicting the source with the wrath of hell and the force of a tornado. Unable to control or understand how it works, she drifts around the country hoping to disappear in the crowd.

Trip Lindaur has his own gift, the ability to seek out and find those people trying to hide from the world. When he is hired to find the remarkable Markey, he assumes it will be just another job. He never counted on falling for her beauty and wit, or her charming innocence. After delivering her to the doctor who hired him, Trip's world spirals out of control. He discovers he's delivered Markey into the hands of a mad scientist who plans on dissecting her for his own twisted gain.

Saving her life is just part of the battle ahead. Will she forgive his betrayal, or will she once again disappear into the world?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00