Fire Me Up

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Fire Me Up

Aisling Grey, Guardian, Novel - Book 2

This is book two in the Aisling Gray Guardian Novel Series.

Aisling is off to Prague to attend the 128th International Conference of Guardians, Oracles, and Diviners. During the conference she plans to find a mentor.

Aisling also has to deliver another object this time. She has a necklace to get to its owner. For some reason she keeps getting midnight visitors in her bedroom. What is it about Aisling that has these "men" all sexed up?

Drake is also in Prague attending a Dragon Conference and Aisling must attend - That's the job of a mate! Will Aisling become the center point of Drakes life or will they part gain?

This was a great second book and the series is progressing very well. Katie delivers some super hot scenes featuring the sexy dragon Drake.

Book Blurb for Fire Me Up

Aisling Grey is back-and in more trouble than ever. She thought being a courier would be easy. It's not. She thought being a Guardian would come naturally. It doesn't. She thought she could get out of being a wyvern's mate. She can't. And she never thought she'd be irresistible to men. But she is.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2007 5.00