Feral Domination

L.A. Day writes a very hot and explosive paranormal erotic story. Feral Domination was a fast paced shape shifter novel. Gionne an alpha wolf meets up with Jenna a feline shape shifter. They both want each other, but their past is coming between them.

Two year ago, Gionne and Jenna were to be mated, but they believed their families were against it. The families never discussed this, but both Gionne and Jenna believed that their families would not find favor in the pairing. On the night that they decide will be the night of their pairing Gionne's father becomes very ill. Gionne tells Jenna that the pairing will have to wait, but does not tell her the reason. Jenna becomes upset and tells Gionne she is leaving for good.

Present Day: Gionne is now the head of his pack. Jenna's feline pack in trouble. They need more land to hunt on. Jenna's brother requests hunting grounds from Gionne. In exchange Gionne makes a deal for Jenna to stay in his town.

Jenna still loves Gionne, but because of the past she is very cagey and unsure if she wants to commit herself to the possibility of more pain. She is unsure of what type of relationship they could have together.

Someone is also out to kill Jenna. Someone wants to kill her so that the wolf genes are not tarnished with non-wolf genes. The purity of the line is the killer's reason for stalking Jenna. It's not the first time the killer has been in this situation. The last time the stalker took out the target.

To keep Jenna safe, Gionne invites another member of his pack to sleep with Jenna. With this arrangement Jenna has an extra protector. Be aware this book does have m‚nage.

Feral Domination was a super fast read. From page one L.A. Day had me enthralled with the story of Gionne and Jenna. I loved the how she brought more than one type of shape shifter into the story and how spicy the love scenes were. If you enjoy a lot of fire and domination in your books this is the one for you.

During Feral Domination L.A Day introduced us to Gionne's sister Riza and Jenna's brother Leon. I hope that L.A Day writes a great story about them. From what I could garner, they would be an explosive pair.

Book Blurb for Feral Domination

Gionne is alpha male of the Valde wolf pack. He wants Jenna, a feline shapeshifter, as his mate but the fates are manipulated to separate them before the two breeds can join.

Two years later, the felines need a favor and Gionne will help for a price — Jenna. Gionne holds Jenna as collateral for the debt. Holding an unmated female that comes into heat within the pack proves dangerous. He takes her innocence, claiming her as his mate to protect her.

Jenna gave her heart to Gionne only to have it broken. Now she must accept Gionne's terms in order to save her pack. Seeing the wolf stirs all the old feelings but Jenna refuses to submit to the alpha until he uses dominant persuasion. Just as Jenna begins to accept her feral mate, a pack member plots to get rid of her.

A malevolent force that doesn't want to see a merger between the two feral breeds works to separate them. Gionne introduces Jenna to the pleasures of a ménage in order to ensure her safety. Even with the help of another male, it proves difficult to keep Jenna safe from unreasonable prejudice.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2007 4.75