Extraordinary Love

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Extraordinary Love

Guardian Series

Take an under water world, give it breath, and watch them save our world. The men and women of Animanee are a very new and interesting concept. Each person has a special skill and animal they can turn into. There are three kingdoms. This book is about a prince who is marrying his love, but on the morning of his wedding finds out that he will have to postpone his planned honeymoon. A very important meeting has been called and he must attend. Something is brewing from the land folk and they must save the world.

When hell breaks loose, whom are you going to call? Not the Ghost Busters but the Guardians of Animanee. They are tough and have special skills. The men of Animanee will save us from the terrorists who want to use an old oil refinery as a rocket launch pad.

Ms. Sinclair pens a Hot, Hot, Hot and action packed read. The world of Animanee is well described and the characters are surprising, passionate, and intriguing. You experience hope and despair. The side characters have been developed well and I look forward to reading their stories soon. Ms. Sinclair brings the Animanee to life with a world that is way outside the box. This book has a lot of really great new fantasy concepts. You will experience a whole new fantasy world under the sea. Step over Ariel there's a new princess in town!

Book Blurb for Extraordinary Love

One woman's demise and a long ago legend is were this story begins.

Apolla is getting married, but her plans for a honeymoon will be put on hold when the Dry Landers above threaten the underwater world of Animanee.

A race of sea Guardians will be called together and then all hell breaks loose. This is one underwater adventure that will explode unraveling mysteries, unleashing heated passions, and revealing shifters that you have never read about before. But it is the profound emotional depth that could change the colors of heaven and the darkness of hell that makes this love extraordinary.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00