Exclusive by Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton and Lisa Renee Jones

Exclusive is a book of three stories. The three stories, Sanctuary, Wild Nights and Purple Magic were all in-depth looks into the far reaches of sexual clubs. Each was highly erotic and entertaining. The tales were passionate, provocative, and absorbing. Each story was completely different but they all complimented each other and held the same touching love and eroticism. All three stories were page-turners.

In Sanctuary, Kimmi invites her female friend Devin to join her for a night at an erotic club. While there Devin watches an erotic bondage and submission show. One of the dominates spots her in the crowd and they connect. Devin is not sure if being a submissive is really the route for her. Shaye a dominant has never been emotionally interested in any of the girls that he dominates, but things are different with Devin. Shaye has a problem with commitment. Can Devin capture his hart and show him that emotion and love are meant for them both?

Eden Bradley weaves a highly erotic tale of domination, submission, and bondage. Both Shaye and Devin were well-described characters that had a lot of depth and intelligence. The characters were likeable and captivating. The tale was scorching hot and provided a sneak peak into a place I have never been.

In Wild Nights, Jaci Burton introduces us to an exclusive club that allows people to explore their sexuality. The owner of the club is Grace Wylde. Grace is to the point where not much interests her in the sexual arena. She has tried it all and something is missing. One night Mike Nottingham enters her club via an invitation from his friend. With a bit of smooth talking he lets Grace know that he is very similar to her. He has been playing the field of sexual games for ages. He also feels that there is something missing, but he is unsure what it could be. With many steamy encounters and even a few extra days tacked onto Mike's vacation can these two figure out what is missing in both their lives?

Wild Nights was an exhilarating look into the minds of two people who just needed that special person to make everything complete.

I'm a huge paranormal fan and Purple Magic hit the spot. Jolene's best friend has gone missing and she is trying to track her friend down. The last place she was known to be was the Purple Magic club. The club is know to be exclusive and a place of extreme sexual appetites. Jolene's friend was last know to be dating the vampire Alex. She asks around and is told to talk to the vampire Drago. When Drago and Jolene meet something automatically draws them together. They both feel an emotional bond that is uncommon. Will this emotional bond cement a future relationship between the two? Will Drago be able to help Jolene find her best friend?

Purple Magic was a wonderful romp into the Lisa Renne Jones's vampire universe. I'm hoping there will be a sequel, as I would love to see Jolene's friend Carrie have a story. There was also the mention of shifters at the end and I would love to see that storyline branch into a new book. This story was very sensual and combustible. Jolene and Drago were a highly fascinating pair and a great start to a wonderful new universe. Ms. Jones you must write another, as I would be lined up for a copy.

Book Blurb for Exclusive

With these never-before-published novellas, three queens of erotic romance extend a provocative invitation to daring readers. In Eden Bradley's Sanctuary, an innocent young woman ventures into the dungeons of a private club to broaden her erotic horizons. In Jaci Burton's Wild Night, the owner of a swinger's club ignores her hands-off-the-customers policy when a certain sexy newcomer joins. In Lisa Renee Jones's Purple Magic, a daring woman searches for her lost friend in the hedonistic world of Manhattan's underground nightspots.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.75