Everything Forbidden

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Everything Forbidden

Jess Michaels - aka - Jenna Petersen

When Miranda Albright's family is beset by hard time she has to do something about it. Her mother is out of control and spending money like they have it, but they don't. Miranda's father passed away and they have a lot of debts. Her sisters need season's as that's the only way to get money into the family. Miranda decides to call upon Ethan Hamon, her sensual and rich Earl of a neighbor for help.

For years Miranda has been watching Ethan as he did sensual things to women and she dreams of him doing those things to her. After some negotiation Ethan agrees to help Miranda bring out her sisters, but there is a high price to be paid. Miranda must spend three months with him, where he can do what he wants to her. Will Miranda be able to reform Ethan or will he just use her for three months and then move onto new prey?

Everything Forbidden will draw you in from page one and when you let up you will be at the end of the book. This book was full of sensual delights that will have you craving your own special time with that special someone. Michaels grabbed me and didn't let up and I'm looking forward to her next work.

Book Blurb for Everything Forbidden

Country miss Miranda Albright has secretly watched her wicked neighbor, Ethan Hamon, the Earl of Rothschild, as he 'entertained' lovers on the grounds of his country estate for three summers. But after her father dies and the family falls into financial peril, Miranda is driven to strike a bargain with the Earl. He will play financial and social host for a Season for each of her three younger sisters... in exchange for three months of sin with her. Miranda has always ached for the passion she’s spied upon, but she knows Ethan is the kind of man who could steal her heart, as well as claim her body. And falling in love with a man who admits she is nothing but a game to him could be the most dangerous and forbidden seduction of all.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50