Enchanting the Beast

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Enchanting the Beast

The Relics of Merlin, #3

Kennedy’s third novel in the Relics of Merlin series is set in an alternate universe where the gentry have powers and shifters have an ability that allows magic to not effect them. Shifters can also sniff out the Relics of Merlin. These are all-powerful relics and could lead to very bad circumstances in the wrong hands. Each of the Relics of Merlin stories wholly stands on its own. Kennedy sweeps readers into her fascinating world without difficulty. The heartfelt and well-rounded characters will easily become some of your favorites as they all have a style of their own.

In this realm lives Philomena Radcliff. This lady has her own cute quirks and sees the dead. When Nicodemus Wulfson (shifter) visits her in London he thinks her a quack, but he still convinces her to visit his castle. His brother has been going down hill quickly and is supposedly being haunted by ghosts. Nicodemus doesn’t believe in ghosts and wants to prove that that they don’t’ exist to his brother. I must say that Philomena and Nico play off each other brilliantly.

Along the way you get to really know Philomena and Nicodemus. Tup, the child ghost adds a fun element to the story, as do the hay fairies and other fantasy creatures. But don’t forget the wicked ghosts and the shrill sister-in-law. They all have their place in this super novel, as does the belief that Nico killed is past fiancé.

Will Nico be convicted of murder? Are the ghosts real and if they are why are they haunting Nico’s brother? Is Philomena in grave danger? How did Tup the child ghost find his way to Grimspell castle when he has always been attached to London? All of these questions are answered in this delightful fantasy novel. You will never view fantasy the same again. This is one unique and memorable series.

This book was first reviewed when it was published with Dorchester Publishing. Review from 3/26/09. Now the book is being re-released by Sourcebooks.

Book Blurb for Enchanting the Beast

Be careful who you surrender your heart to

Werewolf Sir Nicodemus Wulfson is haunted by memories of murder-and ghosts. Determined to solve at least one of his problems, he heads to London to find a ghost-hunter. He never expected to find the love of his life in the form of spiritualist Lady Philomena Radcliff, nor did he expect her to take up his offer to leave London and venture out to his haunted castle. But now that he has her, he's determined never to let her go.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50