Embraced by Darkness

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Embraced by Darkness

Riley Jenson Guardian Novel - #5

Keri Arthur's fifth book starts out with a bang. Riley is at the end of her vacation and pretty antsy to get back to the city. She has enjoyed her vacation, but it's hard for a wolf to be away from her pack. Within a week prior to her departure date she hears a voice calling her. Her pack leader wants her to find his granddaughter. Riley is pretty ticked off that the red pack would even contact her since she was thrown out many years ago. With a threat against her mom Riley sets out in search of the pack leaders granddaughter.

The pack leaders granddaughter is not the only case that Riley faces in Embraced by Darkness. Something evil is taking place in the city. Women are turning up dead and it looks like their husbands or boyfriends have murdered them. The scenes of the crimes are extremely nasty and the women have been torn apart. All of the couples are human. It's just not possible for a human to tear apart someone, which makes the crimes very odd. Are the two cases connected or are they completely separate. That is one key factors Riley must find out.

Riley's relationship status in Embraced by Darkness is a bit different than the prior books. She still is not sure if she wants to settle down and commit to a single relationship, but she is giving it a lot of thought. Bye the end of the book you will know if Riley finely commits to her wolf Kellen or if she continues to play the field.

Embraced by Darkness was a great continuation of the Riley Jenson Guardian Novel series and I'm looking forward to the next installment. Each book in the series has been unique and I've enjoyed all of the characters that I've met along the way. Each book has been thrilling, suspenseful, and outside the box. Embraced by Darkness is another Keri Arthur installment that blew away my expectations. Ms. Arthur continues to get better and better and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Book Blurb for Embraced by Darkness

She's hunting a killer-

and shattering every boundary-

she's ever known..

Part vamp, part werewolf, Riley Jenson plays by her own rules, whether it's her stormy love life or her job as a guardian. But when her family's alpha male demands that she solve the mystery of a vanished girl, Riley can feel a trap closing in around her. Because the job comes with a catch: if Riley fails, her own mother will die.

Now the stakes are raised, the hunt is on...and when more women vanish, Riley is caught between a lover who demands that she give up her work, a serial killer who knows no boundaries, and a club where humans and supernaturals mix-at their own peril. Thrust into a realm of seduction and violence unlike any she could have imagined, Riley has to battle to save everything she holds dear. But the ultimate hunt has only just begun....

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.50