Rulers of the Sky Book 2

Paula Quinn takes us back into her world of sexy dragon shifters. In this second installment we have uber hot Garion Gold and kick butt Helen White. In Quinn’s dragon shifter world most dragons have given up their ability to shift and their descendants only live a normal human lifespan. But not all dragons or their offspring want to stay human even though it’s a death sentence shift. Garion’s blood is very special and it has put a target on his back. His blood can transform a dragon shifter or a decedent back into a dragon shifter. Garion’s past is riddled with death and he was responsible for killing off most of Helen’s extended family in retaliation for them killing off his friends. Helen has trained her whole life to kill those who shift and Garion is at the top of her list.

But…when they meet something more springs out of the connection. It was lovely seeing Helen as a child and how she viewed Garion and how those feelings changed as they met and discussed passed history. Not all is as it seems and both Helen and Garion have to deal with betrayals. Paula Quinn was able to bring the situations to life and make them believable.

With the help of Garion’s sister and Helen’s brother the family connections snapped into place and made these characters and their emotional connections so real. I’m very much enjoying this series and I’m sure you will as well.

Paula Quinn knows how to do both paranormal romance and historical romance just right.

Book Blurb for Ember

Millionaire Garion Gold is the last Drakkon alive on earth, but he doesn’t have to be. His blood holds the power to transform at will or alter any descendant of the ancients. He doesn’t have to live his life alone, hiding from those who seek his blood, secluded in a villa in the mountains of Norway. He can rule the sky with his kind, but the cost to humans is too high. So he remains a man, alone in the clouds, giving up flight and fire for a nobler purpose. He’s suspended in both worlds, belonging to neither, an outcast with a price on his head that has cost others their lives.

Never again.

Helen White will never forget the Gold Drakkon that burned her family to ashes and set her path toward a purpose. To find and kill him before he turns any more Drakkon. But he isn’t the monster she’d prepared herself for. He’s six feet five inches of pure, golden muscle and built like he could lift that hammer from the ground with a tug. He’s mystery and radiance draped in sunshine or starlight. A man whose kiss sets music to the stars and whose truest heart is revealed in his gentleness with the most delicate of creatures; his cat. What will losing her heart to her sworn enemy cost her? And when a life-altering truth is revealed, what will stop her from killing him?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.50