Edge of Ecstasy

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Edge of Ecstasy

Advisory: This book contains sex with multiple partners in an orgy situation:

Edge of Ecstasy by Tianna Xander is a very hot erotic read. Ms. Xander successfully told the story of how a village woman had to find a way to save herself from a life of condemnation. Mairy, the main character, is well described and I was able to visualize the situation she was in. She was also a very appealing character that drew you in. Ms. Xander penned a short and very fast paced read that left me hot to the end. Make sure you have a fan available as Ms. Xander takes your through a supper hot journey into the past.

Mairy, a young woman who was betrothed to Donnal just has to become May Queen. Donnal went on a hunting trip and has not returned. Prior to leaving Mairy and Donnal had a very erotic encounter that left Mairy in the position of no longer being a virgin. The only way for Mairy to continue on with her idyllic life, and prove to the village that she is pure, is to loose her fake virginity as May Queen. To be May Queen is a huge honor. Each year one May Queen is chosen to bring prosperity and fertility to the village by being the center of an Orgy.

Mairy is excited and hesitant about being Queen. She knows that it is the only way for her to have a child and continue on with a life without her true love. She is getting excited about the encounter as she enjoyed her first sexual experience. Mairy is in store for a very erotic experience as Alistair, one of Donnal's friends, spends a lot of quality time with her during the orgy. Alistair keeps the old men away from Mairy while making sure she has one of the best sexual experiences of her life. Will Mairy prove herself a great May Queen?

Book Blurb for Edge of Ecstasy

As a symbol of fertility, the May Queen is revered. One day a year--May Day-she is passed from lover to lover in hopes of becoming pregnant,submitting to the villagers every carnal need. She hopes by becoming the May Queen no one will know she'd given herself in passion to her betrothed, Donnal before his death. Can she overcome the grief of losing the love of her life and find happiness as the May Queen?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 3.75