Dream Lord

The Tome of Unnatural Desires

The book starts out with Lana Thomas buying an old book. She has a craving to own it, so she takes it home. When she opens the book she finds it a bit odd. She has to read the book front to back - no peaking further into the book is allowed. The pages seem to be stuck together until she finishes each page. While reading the book she sees a picture of the most gorgeous god. The Dream Lord's picture tempts her like no other. Lana falls asleep the real tale begins. She is swept into the dwelling of the Dream Lord for an unbelievable sexual experience. Lana also has a secret - read the book for a wonderfully stimulating experience and find out a very cool twist at the end.

*Some M/M but not the focus of the book

Dream Lord - The Tome of Unnatural Desires was one of the best erotica books I've read. It was real short at only 33 pages, but it packed a heat filled fantasy. Any girl would love to experience the dream filled existence of meeting the Dream Lord. Skyler Sinclair packs this little book with a tone of hot details that leaves you wanting more insight into the Tome of Unnatural Desires. I can't wait for another taste.

Book Blurb for Dream Lord

Lana Thomas had no idea what possessed her to purchase an old dusty leather book from a junk shop one summer evening, but she just had to have it. The only problem is she really does not own the book, it will own her. Now all her dark sexual cravings will be exposed!

Caleb the Dream Lord has finally found his perfect counterpart, someone whose sexual hungers match his own depraved appetite. In his dream realm carnality rules and no man, woman, demonite and creatures of the night are left unscathed by the master of all things carnally demented and unholy.

Warning: This book could produce sexual cravings of a darker kind!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 4.50