Double Enchantment

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Double Enchantment

The Relics of Merlin, #2

Do you want to be enchanted and get a glimpse into a fantastical world? If you want to experience a superb fantasy world don't walk but rush to the store and get started on the Relics of Merlin series by Kathryne Kennedy. Kenney will sweep you away and into a world of magic, mayhem and fractured love.

When lady Jasmina finds a Relic of Merlin she has no idea what it really is or that the piece of jewelry will enhance a spell that she casts. She only intends to sneak out of her parent's house and leave a magical illusion of herself keeping her bed warm and her parents content. Her illusion turns out to be more than just an illusion with the help of a Relic of Merlin. Soon her not so illusion is stirring up tongues around town as she does scandalous stuff that no lady should be doing. Jasmina, the real one, is forced into working for the monarchy and very closely with Lord Sterling. Sterling is a horse shifter.

Jasmina soon finds out that her twin is much more than an illusion. She also finds out that she is attracted to Sterling, but that's not a good thing. Shifter are not revered in her society, it's quite the opposite. She also finds out that her twin has misbehaved with Sterling. After finding that out she is not sure if Sterling likes her for herself or because of her twin. Will Sterling be able to make Jasmina believe in his love? Will she be able to make her twin disappear? Will both Jasmina and Sterling be able to cope with societies hatred of their relationship?

I was again swept away by Ms. Kennedy's writing. She easily transported me into her fantasy world that I'm looking forward to visiting again. Kennedy knows how to bring magical fantasy to life!

Book Blurb for Double Enchantment

Sir Sterling Thorn is looking for his missing sister and the magical relic used to kidnap her. His first clue leads him to the compelling figure of Lady Jasmina Karlyle, a woman who appears to possess two different personalities.

Lady Jasmina Karlyle's simple spell has gone horribly wrong, and now she has a dreadful twin running around London who manages to get involved with a shape-shifter—Sir Sterling. But when she finds herself falling in love with Sterling, she is put in the impossible position of being jealous of her own self.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50