The Lords of Satyr #4

Enter the world of the Lords of Satyr. In the conclusion to this sensual and extreme erotic world we have Dominic. This book is unique in that it has two novellas. The first is about Dominic and Emma. The second is about Vincent and a Shimmerskin female. For those who have read the first three books you must be wondering how can Vincent have a relationship with something that is so unreal. You will have to read this story to find out. Elizabeth brings you another twist to end all twists.
Dominic should be read after reading at least book 1 in the Lords of Satyr series as many of the characters in this book are introduced prior, as are concepts and locations. It’s best read after reading the first three books. That being said I’m writing this review from the perspective of reading the prior novels.
The first novella, Dominic
Emma the sister of Jane (book 1) is now married to her own satyr lord and brother to Nick, Raine and Lyon. Yes we all thought it was just a trio of brothers and there was one more. Carlo is her husband, but he is nothing like the other three brothers. Emma really regrets marrying him and so quickly. Carlo has been over in ElseWorld fighting a war. In the line of duty he is gravely injured in a very physical and mental way. We also find out that he likes men. His injury results in him not being able to get it up…if you know what I mean. That’s very unfortunate for Emma as she is pregnant with his heir. For a satyr baby to be born the mother must have a night of sex just prior to the birth. While at war Carlo meets Dominic, a full-blooded satyr male and he gets Dominic to agree to be a stand in since he can’t perform his husbandly duties. Emma is definitely not ready for this, but as the moon comes out things change and Carlo takes off. For the life of her child Emma gives in and has her night of passion with Dominic. When Emma finds out that there is more to her child’s birth what will she do? Run for the hills? Seek out Dominic? Oh and what about her male loving husband? What happens to him?
Out of these two novella’s Dominic was my favorite. I just loved Dominic the character. He had so much to hide, but also so much emotion. I was sad to see this story end. I’m hoping that Elizabeth Amber has another book or series in the works. I’m looking forward to more of her works and her creative imagination.
The second novella, Vincent
Vincent is a satyr male who is known for his variety of females. He quite often uses Shimmerskins for his pleasure. All satyrs’ can call these women up for their pleasure. Shimmerskins are basically magic. They have no feelings and are believed to not be real. They are just a trick of magic. One particular Shimmerskin he created is his sexual fantasy and he calls her image up all the time. After a while he notices something has changed. This one seems to have emotion, how odd. Is magic becoming reality…can satyr’s create life? What are the repercussions of these actions?
Vincent is a great story and a wonderful ending to such a great series. Elizabeth Amber’s whole world was so unique and the world building something to aspire to.

Book Blurb for Dominic


Dominic, a full-satyr warrior, serves as an important weapon in ElseWorld's war. Duty sends him through the interworld gate to find Emma for reasons he must keep secret. Meanwhile, Emma anxiously awaits her husband's return home to Tuscany on a Calling night. But when Carlo arrives, injured in battle and unable to perform, she learns she must mate instead with Dominic. It is a night of hedonistic passion that leaves both wanting much, much more.


Vincent is brokering peace in ElseWorld when he becomes involved with a lovely Shimmerskin female. Like other Satyr lords, he's driven to mate from dusk to dawn every Calling night. While his brothers summon a different partner with each full moon, Vincent calls upon the same one time after time. He wants her to experience the same erotic pleasure he feels and one night she does--the magic is real. But so is the danger she brings with her.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.00