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Book #1

Jessica Shirvington has just jumped up to being one of my favorite young adult authors. This book ends with you wanting more of the story. Yes I NEED to know what happens next. There is a semi-cliffhanger going on here. I don't normally like cliffhangers and I didn't in this case. The next book wasn't on the shelves waiting for me, and I hate to wait. Still I'm very happy with this book and what I got.

What makes me love this book so much is that I really connected with the heroine Maggie Stevens. That's not to say I feel everything she's done is right, but I feel for her. She's used people! She's made people love her and then crushed their hearts. She's not a good woman in how she treats others. I can't condone the things she has done. But...Yes there is a but...she's had a hard life. That doesn't make what she does OK, but I understand what she has gone through. The author did a great job of bringing me into Maggie's head and seeing why she's done the things she has done. We know Maggie from the inside out and want a good future for her.

In Maggie's world people disappear and she might be next. The people of the future are controlled by Microchipped bands. If they are not compatible with society they disappear to camps to be made well...or so they say. Maggie's dad was taken away many years ago and she is trying to track him down. Her dad was a scientist who was doing some experiments on the bands. To find her dad Maggie will have to infiltrate the M-Band corporations family. Along the way she finds love and heartache.

In the ends will what she has done to find her dad be worth it? Readers will have to pick up "Disruption" to find out. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here in "Corruption".

Love and lies have a way to leading to unknown truths in this series.

Book Blurb for Disruption

The heart-stopping first chapter in bestselling author Jessica Shirvington's Disruption series. What if a microchip could identify your perfect match? What if it could be used against you and the ones you love? Eight years ago, Mercer Corporation's M-Bands became mandatory. An evolution of the smartphone, the bracelets promised an easier life. Instead, they have come to control it. Two years ago, Maggie Stevens watched helplessly as one of the people she loved most was taken from her, shattering her world as she knew it. Now, Maggie is ready. And Quentin Mercer - heir to the M-Corp empire - has become key to Maggie's plan. But as the pieces of her dangerous design fall into place, could Quentin's involvement destroy everything she's fought for? In a world full of broken promises, the ones Maggie must keep could be the most heartbreaking. Ages 14+

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.50