Deal of a Lifetime

Deal of a Lifetime is a spicy read. Annette meets Rich while pretending to have a boyfriend. Annette's sister is overprotective and believes that every woman needs a husband. Annette appeases her sister's need by showing up to events saying that she is dating, but that her boyfriend could not make it. While out for dinner with her sister and brother-in law a man sits down at their booth and starts pretending that he is Annette's date! She has never met this man and is confused.

While Rich's friend was sitting at the bar he overheard a conversation. The conversation was coming from Annette's table. He heard that "Rich" Annette's boyfriend was late because of a business meeting. Jumping to the wrong conclusions he sends his friend "Rich" to Annette's table. Rich takes over and even takes Annette hostage in her own hotel room.

Rich has some real problems. He believes that Annette is working for his soon to be ex-wife. His ex has treated him real bad. Rich works his frustrations out on Annette- in a sexual manner. They slowly start learning about each other. Annette works with large cats at the local zoo. Rich loves kids. His nephew has even been to the cat exhibit. As they get to know each other on a more emotional level they develop feeling for each other.

Deal of a Lifetime was a nice read. The sexual encounters, and there are a lot of them, were well done. The shower sex was a great add in and made the book very entertaining. The passion meter is set too high and Ms. Huffert jumps them right into bed. Annette was a likable character, but a bit week. She lets people walk over her too much, while at first - Rich was too controlling and I had a hard time liking him. By the end he started to redeem himself and show what a considerate and passionate man he could be. He had been through hell and just needed someone to redeem his soul.

For Ms. Huffert's first novel, this was a great start to a long career.

Book Blurb for Deal of a Lifetime

Annette thought she had the perfect solution to prevent what was meant to be a pleasant anniversary celebration from deteriorating into a never-ending lecture from her older sister on the substandard status of her entire life. Inventing a fictitious boyfriend, reportedly detained in an unavoidable, albeit imaginary, business meeting, seemed like a harmless fib if telling it would ensure a festive evening. She even had a plan to cover his exit from her life later on.

Rich's estranged wife had gone too far this time and he'd had enough. He had no clue what setting him up as another woman's date for an evening of drinks, dinner and theater with the woman's family was supposed to accomplish but he was determined to find out. When his new better half didn't so much as blink at his unexpected arrival he decided right then and there that he wasn't letting her out of his sight. He'd play his role of escort to the hilt to get to the bottom of it even if he had to tie her to the bed and seduce the answers out of her once the other couple said goodnight.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 3.00