The Lords of Satyr #5

Elizabeth Amber pulls us into another Satyr story and as always you’re in for an erotic ride with lots of twists. This is one intense romantic paranormal suspense!
In this newest Satyr installment we get introduced to Dane and Evangeline Delacorte as well as many of their friends and family members. Mademoiselle Evangeline Delacorte is a very unique being among her kind. Very few know what paranormal being she truly is as she has a way of masking her paranormal scent. This masking is necessary to her survival. She is currently in our realm, but she is originally from Elseworld. Her job is as a matchmaker between the people of Elseworld and our realm. But the people of our realm don’t know they are being matched with paranormal beings.
Dane is also a paranormal being. He is a Satyr. He has been sent from Elseworld to be matched with a human female. But when he catches the scent of Evangeline he doesn’t know what to do. He wants her, but he is forbidden from marrying her. Dane also has other demons. When he was a child both him and his brother were kidnapped. Dane escaped, but has never found his brother. But now he is back in the area of the crime. Will he find his brother after all this time? Will he get Evangeline as his own? And what paranormal being is Evangeline?
The Satyr series has been one of my favorites from the beginning. Each books is very much a unique piece of art and when you first get a glimpse into its pages you will be astounded at what you find. These are not for the faint of heart as many topics discussed and situations experienced are graphic. But if you are willing to go outside the box you are in for the thrill of your life. Ms. Amber doesn’t hold back, she is a master at crafting believable characters who you will cheer for as they solve mysteries and find true love.

Book Blurb for Dane

The dark sensuality of the Lords of Satyr returns to 1880s Italy, where these powerful men indulge their lust without inhibition...

An Appetite For Pleasure

When Dane Satyr approaches Eva for her services as a matchmaker, she offers him more than just introductions. Dane has discovered that Eva is a Satyr like himself, full of insatiable passion and dark desires. Their attraction combusts instantaneously, unlocking pleasures that neither can resist repeating...even as Eva seeks out a mortal bride for Dane...

A Demand That Can't Be Denied

Dane knows that the anonymous enemies of his past are now smiling in his face, but unmasking them is no easy task. A ring of sex slavers is at work amidst the high society he courts, and revealing his sensual powers could expose his greatest vulnerability. But having sampled the delights of a satyr mistress, Dane finds his own desires rising against him as well...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50