Dancing for the Wolf

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Dancing for the Wolf

Length: Tryst

Since, Jenny Lad started working for Damianos Alexander she has been in love with him. He makes her hot, but he won't take her up on her advances. He doesn't mix business with pleasure. So, Jenny decides to give them opportunity and takes a job at another company. She finishes out her job for Damianos with a party for a client. Their client is a costume company. Jenny dresses up as a belly dancer and temps Damianos into some hot and erotic fun. What Jenny doesn't know is that she is not just tempting Damianos, she is also tempting his inner beast. Damianos is a werewolf and he has scented his mate. Nothing will stop him from claiming Jenny this night. With a twist of her hips and a chime of the cymbals she lures her very own sexy wolf.

Dancing for the wolf will have you howling for some more hot and sexy books by the queen of steam L.A. Day. This story was exactly what I needed during the long holiday season. It was quick, hot and very satisfying. I've read quite a few books by L.A. Day and can say that all of them have been winners. You can't go wrong with this talented author. Just choose your genre, purchase and be transported to the situation of your choosing. You won't be disappointed, from contemporary to paranormal and to the space beyond L.A. will take you there with her erotically sensual reads.

Book Blurb for Dancing for the Wolf

Jenny Lad knows how to tempt her boss.

Leaving a deerskin flogger on his desk, she dresses up as a belly dancer for the company party but little does she know she's tempting a wolf.

Damianos Alexander is a lupine shifter. After Jenny's dance routine he claims her as his mate. He expects her to be horrified by his feral side but Jenny knows about vampires and wolfies.

She's more than willing to play but can he make her want to stay.

Content: Erotic Romance

This title contains explicit language, graphic sex, and dominance.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.50