Dance With Me, My Lovely

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Dance With Me, My Lovely

What's a vampire to do for centuries on end. Well, he does what he is passionate about. In the case of Garren Lux aka the Italian Stallion he dances and brings women pleasure, but over the centuries he has also lost himself. He does not feel whole and must find a solution to his emotional turmoil. So, he seeks out a Shaman who can lead him into the spirit world. He needs to find the other part of his soul to be whole again. Even with his soul he still will be a vampire, but he must find a way to feel complete.

Cate is a shaman as were her mother and grandmother. One night her friend finely gets her to go to watch the Pony Express a strip show. While there she feels a connection with The Italian Stallion. She senses death from him, but also feels passion. These two emotions fight each other and she goes home. One night she gets a call from a Garren Lux and he needs a quick appointment. Low and behold her fantasy man arrives at her house for a spiritual appointment. Can Cate save Garren from a lifetime of hell or will he destroy himself?

Dance With Me, My Lovely captured my attention from page one. It gripped me and took me for a wild ride. The scenes were descriptive and tantalizing the hero strong and powerful. The heroin was quirky and fun and had me rooting for her the whole time. Both the hero Garren Lux and the heroine Cate were engaging and well flushed out and I loved how Cate was a shaman. I would recommend Dance With Me, My Lovely to any paranormal fan and I just know they will put it on their favorite's list.

Book Blurb for Dance With Me, My Lovely

Cate Greenbush knows that a strip club isn't the way to meet men, but when your job is talking to dead people, boyfriends are hard to come by. She also knows that the sexy headliner of tonight's show is nothing more than a fantasy, and a dangerous one at that. During the performance she sees an image of a dead woman and a shadowy figure she fears is her killer, the dancer.

Vampire Garran Lux has no such lack of sexuality, and his public persona flaunts it to the world. During the week he's an instructor at a dance studio, and on Fridays he headlines as an exotic dancer. But it's a double life he leads, for his private life is one of secrecy and loneliness as one of the undead. Still, he's been very successful at maintaining the balance in his existence.

Until now.

For some reason, the beast that rules his vampiric side is becoming stronger and harder to control. Without the control of his "human" side, he fears he'll start killing again, and being reckless is no way to survive immortality.

Cate is an urban shaman who specializes in spiritual healing and soul retrievals. She's shocked to find that her seven o'clock appointment is her fantasy lover from the strip club. But the young man insists he needs her help to repair his life, though he doesn't explain the past tragedies that have led to the splintering of his soul. She agrees to help him, in spite of her fear that he may be a killer.

The quest for Garran's lost soul becomes an exploration of human desire and inhuman lust, and in the end the search is for love, if only Cate and Garran can survive the perilous journey to the Land of the Dead.

Please note that this book contains graphic depictions of sexual activity and is intended for adult readers only.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50