Color Quest

Extreme Coloring Challenges to Complete

Color Quest is one of the most fun books I've colored in a while. Each picture is made up of shapes with numbers in them. You pick out a set of pencils based on a color chart. Then you color by the number.

I loved the variety of pictures from traditional to contemporary. You get tigers, bees, landscapes as well as more contemporary art squares. I did find I needed a large variety of colored pencils, luckily I have around 140 colors.

Didn't Work: What didn't work for me was that when using light colors or very transparent colors that the numbers showed through. So I didn't get a solid colored visual picture. The numbers really jump out and poke you in the eye.

What did work for me: I loved the large scale format. It's much larger than magazine size. I also love how the pages easily tear out.

Overall, I feel this would be a great book to add to any coloring bookshelf. I've completed around four of the many pictures and I look forward to doing more.

Book Blurb for Color Quest

Colorists, puzzle fans, and challenge seekers, take note: you will love this color-by-number book that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Grab your colored pens or pencils and start coloring the numbered shapes…and in no time at all, you'll free the images concealed on the page. Your odyssey will take you on a magical journey to find artistic gems that are hiding in plain sight, including a mighty lion camouflaged beneath dots, a peacock prancing amidst hexagons, or a turtle masked by squares. Once you've completed them, perforated pages allow you to pull them out--making them perfect for decorating, framing, or giving as gifts. It's all just waiting to be liberated by you as you color each one, breathe new life into these pages, and uncover stunning and intricate works of art in your Color Quest.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00