Color Quest Animals

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Color Quest Animals

Extreme Challenges to Complete and Color

"Color Quest Animals" is a large book of pages where the pictures are unclear. Each micro section has a number and color associated with it. Colorist take a color key and pick out colored pencils or markers and start coloring in the numbers based on the color key. Soon the images start to pop out from the blank white space.

In the back of the book there is a page key where you can see what each page is expected to turn out like. I find it fun not to look back there. Instead I just pick out any image and start on it. It's a surprise that way.

This book comes with 30 awesome images. That's a great amount considering the book is only $12.99.

The one problem I found is that some of the light colors are so light that the numbers bleed through. So to fix that I often times choose a darker color in the same color family.

The pages in this book are easily to remove as it's built with an easy rip out seam.

Overall - I'm enjoying these color by number books. This is the second one in the Color Quest series. The first one was just titled "Color Quest" and it had more than animals.

Book Blurb for Color Quest Animals

Calling all puzzle lovers, animal enthusiasts, and challenge seekers!

Color Quest Animals features 30 wild and wonderful creatures that are just waiting to be revealed. Grab your colored pens or pencils and start shading in these shapes…and in no time at all, you’ll free the images concealed on the page. Your odyssey will take you on a magical journey to find animals that are hiding in plain sight, including a magnificent mandrill, a colorful kingfisher, or a beautiful butterfly. Once you’ve completed them, perforated pages allow you to pull them out?making them perfect for decorating, framing, or giving as gifts. It’s all just waiting to be liberated by you as you color each one, breathe new life into these pages, and uncover stunning and intricate works of art in your Color Quest.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00