Cemetery Dancer

Sophia, a medium, has a spirit that will not leaver her alone. The spirit is very malevolent and is trying to rape her. Sophia must find a way to save herself from a being that is not human. The spirit has a lot of dark power. His powers are most strong when Sophia is in need of a sexual encounter. For many years Sophia was a nun and kept her vows of celibacy.

Because Sophia has done with out sex much of her life, the evil spirit is extremely attracted too her. Sophia's turns to her spirit guide, Esme for help. Esme sends Sophia to the wizard Jackson Spey for help. It's decided that Sophia with perform the Cemetery Dance. The Cemetery Dance will bring a dead spirit into action. While doing the dance Sophia brings the spirit of a military officer out of his grave. They have spirit sex and Sophia is semi satisfied. It looks like the Cemetery Dance is not enough to get ride of the spirit.

While Sophia is doing her dance a ghost hunter, Sonny, is also in the cemetery. Sonny sees Sophia and is entranced. Sonny proves to be exactly what Sophia needs. He is a satisfying lover and friend, but will he be good enough to keep the evil spirit at bay?

Read this intriguing paranormal read to find out.

K.Z. Snow's Cemetery Dancer was an interesting and intriguing look into wizards, spirit guides, ghost hunters, and medium's. Snow has a way with words. The book is written with much depth and just the right amount of detail. When K.Z describes a place you feel like you have been there and could return again on your own. Cemetery Dancer was a passionate read that also had the extra details needed in a great book.

Book Blurb for Cemetery Dancer

Sophia has a big problem that's soon to get worse. Since leaving the cloister, she's been desperate to find an outlet for years' worth of unsatisfied sexual passion. Sophie is not only lacking in savvy about the dating scene, she's far too cautious to hook up with strangers. Unfortunately, her frustrated desire attracts a brutish "hybrid" entity — one who can move between the astral and earthly planes. And he wishes to possess her.

Sophie's spirit guide offers a solution. Until Sophie can find a man who fully meets her needs, she can achieve sexual gratification and thus ward off her attacker by doing the pagan Cemetery Dance. As added protection, the spirit guide instructs Sophie to seek out the help of a quirky but powerful wizard…who also happens to be drop-dead hot.

But wizard Jackson Spey is not the only one who comes to Sophie's aid. Harrison Brock — Ghost Hunter and current grad student in anthropology — is watching her when she does the sensual Cemetery Dance. And little does she realize he can either damn her through his jealousy and skepticism…or save her through his love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 4.00