Catch of a Lifetime

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Catch of a Lifetime

Mer Book 3, Angel & Logan

The third book in Ms. Fennell’s mermaid series is finely here and it’s a hit. This was the highly anticipated book about the mermaid princess…the first two books focus on the two princes and them finding their land loving mates. In Catch of a Lifetime, mermaid princess Angel Triton finely gets her man…but he comes with a bit of baggage and a sweet son (Michael). Angel’s on a mission help clean up the world and she is gathering data. She thought she new a lot about land folk, but she wrong. Mixed up words get her in trouble, but luckily Michael helps her along. He knows what she is and helps her hide her identity.

Our hero Logan is a man who is responsible and loving. He cares a lot about his son who has recently come to live with him. His ex is a free spirit who just didn’t have the capacity to take care of their son. Now with the help of Angel he has a babysitter and is starting to think about his future, one that involves a lady and not just him and his son.

Of course this wouldn't be a Judi Fennell book without secondary sources trying to take over the Mer people. So, Angel doesn’t just have to deal with adapting to land…things are also brewing out in the ocean.

I really enjoyed the conclusion to this fabulous mermaid series. There are not too many Mer series out there and this one does the genre proud. Ms. Fennell has developed a series that takes you from land to sea and back. The vocabulary she has developed flows well into the book and your never thinking…I wish the author would give a reference list. All the new words make sense and just enhance the experience and make the undersea world believable as well as the people. A bit of masterminding makes the book come alive as you anticipate how the royal family will survive another attempt at displacement. Leaving the Tritone family is bittersweet…but we are moving onto some more fabulous pastures. Ms. Fennell has a genie series on the horizon that I’m going to be snapping up. Lucky for us it’s also going to be a trilogy. This was one awesome series and this book was a wonderful conclusion.

Book Blurb for Catch of a Lifetime

She’s on a mission to save the planet...

Mermaid Angel Tritone has been researching humans fromafar, hoping to find a way to convince them to stop polluting.

When she jumps into a boat to escape a shark attack, it’s her chance to pursue her mission, but she has to keep her identity a total secret…

When he finds out what she really is, they’re both in mortal danger…

For Logan Hardington, finding a beautiful woman on his boat is surely not a problem—until he discovers she’s a mermaid, and suddenly his life is on the line...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50